Clients often seek the help of a family law attorney when they are facing difficult and emotional concerns for themselves or their children. Certain complex legal issues can no doubt become expensive. However, as a client, there are some actions you can take to minimize your legal fees for family law.

  1. Request copies of documents via email, to cut down on letters, copies, and postage.
  2. Cooperate with your family lawyer. Accept advice, stay in contact, and respond promptly to requests for information.
  3. Identify your goals and focus with your lawyer on achieving them.
  4. Understand which battles are worth fighting. Arguing over every point leads to high legal fees for family law.
  5. Have regular discussions with your lawyer about legal fees. Review the monthly bills carefully. Your lawyer should be able to explain the purpose of all work billed.
  6. Seek assistance from appropriate sources. Try to avoid using your lawyer like a (very expensive) therapist. Your lawyer can and should help you through difficult emotional times, but it is wise to consult a therapist, usually covered by health insurance, for non-legal counseling.
  7. Inquire into alternative legal fees arrangements, including limited representation, flat fee, or hybrid billing rates.